Android Q

Android Q is the code name for the version of Android that Google will release in 2019. At some point in the future we will learn what "Q" represents, in the past Google has associated releases of Android to deserts.

Here I will track information about this version of Android. I have not yet installed this version of Android on my Pixel 2, I don't normally install it until it is near ready for release.

Google's Android beta program site

Probably the easiest-to-notice change in Android Q is the slicing up of settings for each individual app. Android Q brings about “Settings Panels” that pop up from the bottom of each app, where applicable, showing system settings in the context of each app. Slashgear

The second beta release introduced multi-tasking bubbles. page

Beta 4 is now here and it brings with it a ton of updates, improvements and overall feature enhancements to really whet the appetite ahead of the next release. 9to5Google