Experiments With Docker On Pixelbook

Here I will document experiments that I have tried running Docker in a Crostini container on my Google Pixelbook.

I followed the instructions on reddit to create a new container that I named fjmdocker. I observe that the Google Launcher integration is not well supported but that docker does run. reddit

I found and followed instructions on reddit to install docker. I pulled and ran hello-world to confirm docker is working. reddit

I pulled and ran my River4 container.

After learning about Minio I pulled and ran it, but I have not tried it with configuration to any of my S3 buckets.

Tried an IDE being developed called Yazz. github

I've installed code-server using the Docker run command provided with a slight modification. I replaced the localhost address with the IP address of the fjmdocker container and I removed the --no-auth switch to force bypass of invalid SSL certificate in Chrome.

I found instructions for installing a local copy of Wordpress using Docker and Docker Compose, which I used to create local containers. I then created a export of my blog in the Wordpress format, which I formated into the Wordpress site. The site loaded , and after installing the JP Markdown plugin, all of the markdown formatting is retained.

I decided to re-build the containers using these instructions from Docker's web site to do the above. The main difference is that Docker's instructions use the mysql image rather than mariadb. I observe that the first time you bring up the containers you should not run it in the background so that you can observe the database creation taking place, which takes time. If the databases do not get created properly you may see Wordpress unable to connect to the database.