Finding Updates In The Federation

Each Federated Wiki site has a unique flag that appears as a colored square to the immediate left of the Welcome Visitors page. Pages within the site have the same colored flag.

Updates to pages in a site appear in Recent Changes. If the wiki client is not aware of any neighboring sites then only the origin site's recent changes appear. However, if the client knows of neighbors then those neighbors' changes also appear in Recent Changes. A neighbor site's changes will have a different color flag to give indication of which site contains the page. If you mouse over the flag you will see the URL for the site. See Neighborhood

Pages that you fork from one site to another will display two or more flags. The flag immediately left to the page title will be for the current wiki site, or the origin site, which is the site opened within the browser tab, and above that are flags for any other sites that have the same page.

When you open a forked page, any foreign sites are automatically added to the neighborhood and their updates are added to Recent Changes.

To manually add sites to a neighborhood we add a Roster Plugin to a page. In the Roster factory we enter the URL of the site that we want to add to the neighborhood. I am Testing several different rosters.

The bottom roster that I have labeled The Good Parts is a roster generated from a search site in the Federation.

The roster displays the flags for the sites that have been listed in the plugin. Sites can be grouped together by listing the URLs sequentially and then entering a blank line. To the right of a group of site flags (or a single flag if so entered) there are two blue >> that is a link, which you click to add those sites to the neighborhood.

After you click the link to add the sites you will notice the flags appear in the bottom right corner of the footer to the Federated Wiki. You might notice the flags spinning, indicating the wiki client is obtaining the changes for that site.

If you want to clear all of the sites in the neighborhood you can click the flag for your site on any page. If you click the flag on Welcome Visitors the story view will collapse down to the Welcome Visitors page. If you click the flag on any other page it the view will collapse down to Welcome Visitors and that page.