Fossil Q Explorist

The [Fossil Q Explorist]( is a third generation Android Wear smartwatch that I received for Christmas 2018. It runs Wear OS 2 and has the original Qualcomm 2100 processor. It does not have the onboard GPS nor continual heart rate sensors that are now available in [fourth generation smartwatches from Fossil](

I have experienced a Wear OS H Update Issue that requires me to keep the Always On Display turned off until there is a new update pushed to the watch.

## Change Log

* 2018-12-13: Power consumption was significantly higher today than past days. Battery saver kicked in at 6:30 PM. Updates to the Wear OS app were pushed to the watch over the last couple of days. * 2018-12-7: Still have not seen a re-occurrence of the freezing reported earlier. Disabling always on seems to be the work around. * 2018-12-4: 24 hours has past since I turned off the always on display setting and there has not been a freeze with the watch. Looks like this will be the work around until Google pushes the next update. * 2018-12-3: Unfortunately, the problem remains. Now I have turned off the always on display to see if that helps. Don't like this as it defeats the use of the phone. * 2018-12-3: Enabled developer mode and disabled Mobile Battery Saver. * 2018-12-3: Went for a walk and found watch frozen again. I had been in meetings so it was covered by the sleeve of my hoodie. Can I downgrade from the H update? * 2018-12-2: Observed while at church that this freezing problem seems to occur when the watch screen is covered by a sleeve. If I wear a t-shirt, the problem doesn't occur. Presume that Wear OS reacts to the screen being covered by going into deep sleep and then takes a lot of time to recover. I've sent feedback via the Wear OS Android app to this affect. * 2018-11-30: The freeze/resume problem seems to be getting worse. The essential digital watch face is not displaying proper information. Simple restart did not fix the problem, so I decided to unpair the watch from my phone which intiates a factory reset. After restore I only installed Outlook, I have not installed the Stringify app * 2018-11-28: [Started to see]( the watch freezing in what appears to be an issue coming out of deep sleep. * 2018-11-27: Installed the Wear OS 2 "H" after receiving notification on the watch

## Positives

* The Q Explorist has two physical buttons that I can configure to initiate specific functions. I've got the top button to start a Fit workout and the bottum button to open Outlook * If Always On Display is turned off battery consumption is much improved. If the display is always on, mostly as ambient, consumption is about 70% per day, enough to get through the day. If turned off consumption can be as little as 30% for the day.

## Negatives