How I Collect And Read Web Content

I have a list of RSS feeds that I maintain in an OPML document using Little Outliner . I have a server running a RSS aggregator called River5 that regularly scans the RSS feeds, collects new entries, and displays them.

As time permits, I open the web site that hosts my list of web site updates using any device that is connected to the Internet. If while scanning the list I see something I want to read, I click a link that sends the URL of that item to Radio3 , which I use to add the entry to an RSS file that contains the articles to be read. The articles are also added to a linkblog web site .

An IFTTT applet monitors the RSS file updated by Radio3 and adds new items to Instapaper. As time permits, I read the articles using either the Instapaper web, iOS, or Android app.

For archival and backup purposes I have another IFTTT applet that adds links to the web articles I flag to read to a notebook that I have in Evernote.