How I Use OneNote

I primarily use OneNote for handwritten notes I create using the Apple Pencil and my iPads. I mostly use OneNote for my professional notes due to its integration with Outlook and Office 365.

However, I handwrite notes for my personal and professional interests and I have OneNote notebooks that align to these two areas. My personal notebooks are stored in my personal OneDrive account while my professional notebooks are stored in my company's Office 365 space.

My personal notes are less structured and I liken them to a Common Place notebook. My professional notes are more structured in a format similar to Getting Things Done.

Professionally, I mainly have two main notebooks, one is for general purpose work related information and the other is daily journal. I also build project specific notebooks as part of my Microsoft Teams teams and channels.

The daily journal may be of most interest to other people. I labeled the notebook "Today" and it has 11 sections. I synchronize this notebook to my iPad where I hand write notes during meetings.

1. Quick notes: for miscellaneous notes 2. Today: a note for each day, with subnotes for each meeting during that day. Each day I create a new note for the day and then create subnotes that include an import of the Outlook meeting information from my calendar in Outlook 3. Followups: As I process email items I cannot respond to right away are moved folders: Action Required, Materials to Read, Waiting For Reply. A Microsoft Flow rule puts a copy of these emails in to the OneNote Followups folder with associated Tags. I think assign a Outlook task flat and move to the Processed notebook 4. Processed: Emails that have been tagged and associated to Outlook tasks. Eventually these items are moved to an Archive folder 5. Agendas: Meeting agendas that I create 6. People: Notes on specific people that I interact with 7. Someday: Items or ideas that I may work on when I have free time 8. Research: Notes on topics I am currently researching 9. Reference: Reference notes 10. Current year section group is where all meeting notes are archived 11. Archive: Sections that I no longer need to see at the top level