My Federated Wiki Workflow

My workflow for adding content to my Federated Wiki is similar to a kanban . The hub of the workflow is the Now page, which is like a Doing list in kanban. When I am done the links to pages are moved from Now to the Index which is like a Complete list in kanban.

I open the Now page, which is the page upon which I have my current work in progress listed. I click the plus on the lower right of the journal to add a new factory and then I enter a new wiki link in the factory for the page I am going to create.

I then work on the page, adding and editing content until I consider it complete.

When I am done with the page I then open the Index page from the Now page and then drag and drop the link from the Now page to the Index, which essentially marks it as complete.

## Writing In Wiki

Convention is to cite paragraph references by putting a Link Word at the end of the paragraph.