Raspberry Pi2

I used this Raspberry Pi to create a "smart" desk clock based on the software provided by DAKboard. I used the instructions provided here and modified for a seven inch screen.

I did not implement the instructions to turn the monitor off/on, instead I put the monitor on a smart switch which is controlled by a sensor. Whenever the sensor detects motion, presumably because I am sitting at my desk, the monitor turns on and displays the clock. If after a period of time no motion is detected then the monitor is turned off.

I am using the free version of DAK board, which provides the basic configuration. It reads my Google Calendar feed to display three days of events in columns at the top. It reads a RSS feed from CNN and rotates news titles at the middle of the display. At the bottom is a current weather, temperature and forcast.

The free weather is provided by Yahoo and as of 2019-01-07 there is an issue with the API that provides the feed. Other weather services requiring spending money. My fear is that Yahoo's weather API has been demised due to the demise of Yahoo. Message from DAK board says they are aware of the outage and working to resolve.

On 2010-01-15 I received an email from DAKboard confirming that Yahoo has closed their weather API and DAKboard has replaced it with OpenWeatherMap. I completed the instructions to switch the weather of my desk clock from Yahoo to OpenWeatherMap.