Replace Google Inbox

Inbox is an alternative app for Gmail that Google released several years ago. I like Inbox mostly because it provides a fast way to triage email.

It bundles unread emails into one of five groups, and I can tap one button to archive all unread emails. During the day when I have time, I scan the emails, tap on a few that I want to read (or snooze to read later) and then archive ("swipe away") all the remaining unread emails with one tap.

Unfortunately, Google has designed to shut down Inbox. Gmail does not have Inbox's swipe/archive function. In the web app I can tap a checkbox and then tap archive, so basically it adds one more step to the process.

However, the Gmail mobile apps on either Android or iOS do not have the ability to tap to select all emails, so in those apps I have to archive each mail individually. Consequently, I looking for an alternative app to quickly archive unread email.

## Spark (iOS)

On iOS I have found Sparks that bundles messages and provides a button to archive all messages. One problem I have is that when I read a message, it is removed from the list so do not get archived. Inbox really archives all messages in a bundle, read or unread. Still, Sparks is good enough for my needs on iOS.

## Nine (Android)

Nine is one of more favorably reviewed email apps for Android. It does not bundle email but can filter for unread messages. Unfortunately, it does not provide a way to select all unread messages. You can tap to select each message and then archive all at once, but that is too much work.

## Bluemail (Android)

Bluemail has a conversation threading feature but that is not as convenient as bundling. It filters unread email. To select all, tap and hold a message, then tap Mark All, finally tap the Archive button to archive all the selected messages. Still more taps than Inbox but better than Gmail or Nine.