These Truths A History Of The United States

Book by Jill Lepore that I've been reading since February, 2019. Amazon

It is evident to me from reading this book that two issues have existed since the founding of the United States and have not been addressed and thus are a cancer to our form of government.

One of these issues is white supremacy/racism expressed in the practice of slavery and colonialism. The root of racism and colonialism is belief that one race, in our case white (caucasian), is superior over all other races. Religion, particularly Christianity, has been used to justify slavery and colonialism further entrenching both issues.

The second issue is the powers of the President of the United States. Even as Washington began serving as our first President Jefferson and Hamilton contested who had the most power, Congress that represents the people and the President that is responsible for enforcing laws.

Throughout the history of the United States the President expanded the power of the presidency to expand our borders, preserve the Union (Lincoln), or get us out of depression and win World War II (Roosevelt). It seems as though only Roosevelt's breaking from Washington's precedence of only serving two terms was repealed through Congressional action.

The issue of the power of the President is uniquely American because it directly relates to the republican democracy defined by the United States Constitution.