Tiddlyserver on Raspberry Pi

I want to build a wiki to store private family information that can be accssed relatively easily. I think TiddlyWiki is easy enough to set up and use, and I am going to put the nodejs version on one of my Raspberry Pis . It will only be accessible on my home network.

First, I decided to grab the lastest, light version of Raspbian and flash it to one of my MicroSD cards. I set aside the card that I had been using.

To set up TiddlyWiki I am slightly modifying the instructions found here . However, I am not using the server as instructed, instead I am running TiddlyWiki using the following command.

sudo tiddlywiki --server 80 $:/core/save/all text/plain text/html "" "" &

You can then logout and the session will persist. To stop the server you will need to kill its process. First you need to find the process id by entering the following:

ps aux | grep tiddlywiki

Look for the process number associated to the command above you used to start the server and enter:

sudo kill [process id]

Finally, to configure the tiddlywiki server to run automatically whenever the Raspberry Pi reboots, I created an onboot.sh script and stored in my home directory. The script changes to the directory containing my tiddlywiki content and runs the command above. To make the script executable I did:

chmod 777 onboot.sh

The I entered the following to edit the crontab file:

sudo crontab -e

And then I entered the following into the file

@reboot /home/pi/onboot.sh

## Backup I decided on a KISS approach to backing up this site. I've created a script that creates a compressed tarball of the /home/pi/tw directory in a backup directory and then ftps that file to my NAS. After the file transfers I them remove the tarball from the Raspberry Pi. Finally, I created a cron to run this backup job every hour.

You may want to use SyncThing for the backup process. The Raspberry Pi folks recommend DejaDup . Does it work from the command line? Looks like it is a wrapper for duplicity .

## To Do

When I have time, I want to a clone copy of the build I have just created. I wonder if I flashed it to a disk that it would run on the Pi Zero W?

## Navigation One thing I have found challenging about using TiddlyWiki is the lack of keyboard shortcuts for navigation. I want the ability to close tiddlers with a keyboard shortcut as well as edit the currently focused tiddler.

I found a Tiddlywiki plugin called navigator that provides most of what I am looking for. I would also like a keyboard shortcut to collapse all open tiddlers other than the one that has focus, but I haven't figured out how to do that yet.

I find the documentation on how to create a keyboard shortcut to be confusing and difficult to follow.