Type From Phone

I often have situations in which I need to type information on my computer that is stored on my phone. The current process involves looking up that information, reading what is on the phone's screen, and then typing that information on the computer.

Computers and smartphones can talk to each other, either via an Ethernet network or via Bluetooth. While one can transfer files between the two, what I want to do is something more like sharing clipboards between the two, but not exactly that either.

What I want to do is the following. Suppose I have the cursor in a text entry field on my computer. The text I need to enter in that field is on my smartphone. Imagine if I:

1. Selected the text to be inserted on my phone 2. Tapped Share, With Computer Cursor 3. The selected test is immediately inserted ("typed") at the cursor's location on the screen

For me the above process is better than sharing clipboards because I don't have to paste the text into the field, it just appears. I've pushed the text into the field from my phone. While the computer might actually pasting that text into field, why should I have to know or control that action, the act of sharing the text to the cursor on my computer indicates what I want to happen.

Not also that what I describe is an extension to how the smartphone shares, which means that it shouldn't matter which app on the phone actually stores the text. All I do is simply select and share, from any app.

The trick, I think, is on the computer side because desktop operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, and Linux usually expect input to come from a keyboard. While I would be happy to do this sharing with just a web browser, like Chrome, the ideal scenario happens at the operating system level so that I could "insert" text at the cursor location within any application.

Does such a app exist?

Pushbullet provides copy and paste between devices but wants to charge me $40 per year for this luxury, which is way too much for me to pay for this feature that doesn't do exactly what I want.

Trying Join, which is created by the same people who develop Taskr. It provides for copy and paste between devices and that content can be encrypted. See beginner's guide .

I signed up for Join because it does exactly what I want.