Using The Pixelbook

To see keyboard short cuts use **ctrl+alt+/**

Use the URL bar use locations to get & set chrome://chrome chrome://flags chrome://about chrome://version

Use three finger swipe left or right to move through browser tabs. Use two finger swipe left or right to use the browser back and forward buttons. which you can use to move through these wiki pages. Three finger swipe up displays all running tasks.

I have a HooToo USB-C Hub to connect HDMI and USB A devices and SD Card, but I am using the OWC USB-C Dock on my desk.

I've tried using several of my USB-cords and portable chargers with the Pixelbook. When I plug these chargers in to the Pixelbook it reports it as a lower-power charger and says it may not charge the Pixelbook while it i being used.

I was surprised to find that when I plug the RavPower charger in to the Pixelbook it the RavPower started to recharge.

To see information about the battery, open a CROSH shell by pressing ctrl+alt+t and typing:

battery_firmware info

The keyboard backlighting is designed to turn on automatically, but I have found that some time that does not work. To manually turn on the keyboard lighting press and hold the Alt key then press the brightness keys to adjust up and down.

To properly see performance run top in crosh and not in the terminal. Running in terminal will show the performance of the VM hosting the penguin container.

Chrome OS 72 brings Google Assistant to my Pixelbook. I have configured voice as the default input but not enabled the "Ok Google" trigger phrase. I press the Assistant button on the keyboard, Assistant launches and listens for me to speak, I then ask it a question and it provides and audible response.

I've Bluetooth paired my Logitech mouse and I now see Pixelbook And Bluetooth problems.