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What is a Personal Wiki? It's like Wards Wiki, but it's yours. It can be:

a free-form database

a journal (see Wiki Journaling)

Internet wikis that need a server, but can be run locally

The degree of difficulty for installation varies -- most PHP installations require an Apache Web server, and some may require mySQL as well. Windows users check out XAMPP for an easy-to-use Apache/PHP/MySQL platform.

Media Wiki (The same one that Wikipedia runs on) --

Doku Wiki uses PHP, but doesn't require any database, stores content as plain .txt files --

Pm Wiki The data is stored in Pm Wiki-specific file format (you need to have EasyPHP or some similar software).

Erfurt Wiki, uses PHP - but you can either use MYSQL or a textfile mode. The textfile mode makes it very easy to edit the pages locally. (You need to have EasyPHP or some similar software.)

Php Wiki (You also need to have EasyPHP or some similar software.)

Sk Avery Simple Wiki (Perl on Apache or IIS)

Use Mod Wiki (in Perl)

Wacko Wiki (apache, mysql)

Wi Kit (in TCL/TK)

Jsp Wiki (JSP, flat files)

Personal wikis that come with a server (and need a browser)

Co Wiki ( ) seems dead

Eddies Wiki (one of the earliest personal wikis)

Elreys Wiki Server (based on Eddies Wiki 0.95)

Michel Van De Weterings Wiki Server (based on Eddies Wiki 1.0; you can do HTML with this version + you can use free links to form a wiki word [ ])

Wx Wiki Server (also based on Eddies Wiki 1.0 with many features added or fixed). See:

Gollum -

Includes local server and integrates with rack based servers

Stores plain text files (markdown, org-mode, textile and more) into a git repo

Maintained by github team

Personal Kneaver ( ) combines Wiki and Mindmaps.

Moin Moin (even in Win32, with or without other server, since it come with a optional standalone server)

Notes Wiki -- personal desktop Wiki, flat files, tag based, standalone server, GPL, docu only in German available,

Odd Muse (for win32; download the installer here )

Project Forum -- the demo version; no need to even start the browser separately; written in TCL; a single exe file

Soks Wiki (in Ruby, imports In Stiki and shows Wiki Links to existing pages without any formatting)

SSmS ( ) - A Wiki-based for SMS.

Twiki Windows Personal - self-contained version of Twiki (Twiki Clone) for windows users. Will run from a usb memory device.

Wikiwig, a Wysi Wyg Wiki, lite and easy to use (in PHP/My Sql)

Windows Wiki - comes with Tinyweb http server in an automatic installer. Requires python be present.

Xo Yn Ki (in Java)

Personal Wikis that don't need a server but require a browser

Stick Wiki -- simple one-file Wiki

Tiddly Wiki -- one-file Wiki implemented in Java Script. Strong community; many different (and interesting) adaptations at

Tiddly Wiki Classic -- The original. More mature, has more useful plugins, and requires an additional JSON file stored in the same folder of your tiddlywiki when using Chrome or IE.

TiddlyWiki5 -- Tiddly Wiki rewritten from the ground up based on HTML5 standards in order to to be as future-proof as possible. Currently in beta, lacking many features of the original (using plugins)(3/4/2014).

Stand-alone personal wikis that don't require a server or a browser

More than one operating system

Jree Pad -- Java (.jar file); like Tree Pad, but with wiki-links

Mobile Wiki Server, Mac/Windows/Linux Desktop version, (Built on Seaside Framework web framework.)

Wikid Pad -- now open source, Windows, Linux, Mac OS X

Wi Kit (in TCL/TK) can be run either as a desktop without a server or with a server

AKG Wikit -- a fork of Wi Kit; see

Wi Xi -- Wixi is a multi-platform wiki application for the desktop. It is written in python/wxpython and uses txt2tags to convert plain text to many other formats.

Zulu Pad -- Mac OS X and Windows - it does not work with the latest versions of OS X and there seems to be no development for any operating system since 2009

Linux, Unix

Tagore -- (a personal desktop wiki for GNOME, using ruby-gnome2) (dead link, redirects to google)

Zim Wiki, (GTK2-Perl) (Linux/BSD/Windows)


Mac Personal Wiki -- for OS X only (broken link)

Voodoo Pad -- (shareware 24.95) for OS X only

Wiki Brain -- for OS X only (broken link)

Wikinotes -- (no longer available)


bLade Wiki -- not just for Windows mobile, not even dependent on it:

Connected Text -- (commercial $29.95), includes a web or map view of nodes, categories, calendar and full text search

Flex Wiki Pad -- not to be confused with Flex Wiki or Flex Wiki Editor; this one is unconnected (but needs MS.NET Framework)

Hyp Edit -- rudimentary plain text wiki; see

Linked Notes -- (commercial $19.95)

Note Studio -- works well on Windows, it's meant to be used with Palm (for PC $39.95 US, for Palm and PC $49.95 US)

Note Wiki -- no development since 2003

Pepys Wiki -- no longer supported

Ppc Softi Know -- (commercial; free lite edition, $29 Home edition, $79 Standard edition, $249 Professional edition)

Quick Notes -- (commercial $15.00 - seems to be discontinued; Stone Notes seems to be successor application)- stonenotes download site not working.

Sdi Desk: This is an app programmed by Phil Jones.

Text Web -- it has wiki-like links but no wiki formatting. Perhaps better listed under Wiki Like Thing

Wiki Writer -- (shareware 39.95)

Whiz Folders -- (Commercial: $25)

See also Desktop Wiki

Web-based Personal Wikis


Luminotes -- - Shut down. Not available.

Unyverse --

Wetpaint --

Rwiki -

giewiki -- built off of Tiddlywiki 2.4.1, but is stored online using Google's web-based App Engine free hosting enviroment.




Editme --

Personal Wiki for Editors/IDEs

Mundo Oi --

Eclipse Wiki -- Checkout for a wiki plugin. You can create links to your favourite online wiki and resources in the eclipse workspace too. -- Channing Walton

Emacs Wiki Mode -- puts a wiki in your emacs. If you want something simpler, check out Wiki Mode.

Vim Wiki -- Personal Wiki for Vim

Pot Wiki -- plain textfiles (Vim)

Vi Ki -- for Vim

Vim Ki -- Alpha June 14, 2004 also for Vim

Plain Text Wiki -- Make a wiki with Textmate (a Mac editor):

Acro Wiki -- Palm, stores notes in Memos

bLADE Wiki -- It runs on Windows and Windows Mobile - and can sync between the two. See

Ema Personal Wiki - for Android and Windows, syncs via Dropbox, see

Hyper Note -- one of the Palm Os Wikis

Mobile Wiki Server -- an iPhone based wiki for personal use, or serving pages in a Wi Fi network. Also usable over a local Wi Fi network. Backs up to iTunes store, and exports to other users and to its cross-platform desktop version. See

Note Studio -- PalmOS + Windows

Palm Wiki World, which runs on both PC and Palm platforms. This is Note Studio. Works also with Windows.

Trunk Notes -- . An iPhone personal wiki and advanced note taking app.

Unyverse -- see . Works on any Java (J2ME) or Windows Mobile phone. Has also an AJAX web-based interface when accessing from a computer. Sync between the two.

Wikiz --

Wiki Touch (personal wiki for the iPhone with synchronization to their webserver back end) --

Or you could carry around your Wiki On Portable Storage media.

Compare/contrast Project Wiki, Team Wiki.

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