Philips Hue Lights

I bought my first Hue light and bridge in 2015, which means that I have the first version (V1) of the bridge. The first light I bought is white only and since then I bought two color lights.

We have three lights in the basement, one light on the main floor, and one more on the top floor.

The most annoying thing about the Hue lights is that they do not retain state after a power failure. When there is a power failure and power is restored all of the Hue lights turn on at full brightness.

Unfortunately, we have many power disruptions (See DTE Energy) resulting in my having to manually turn off the lights, which is a definite pain during the middle of the night.

Philips has finally released a new version of the Hue app that has a new Power On behavior setting. I've upgraded the app on my iPad Mini 4 but the setting is not available. I suspect this is because I have v1 of the bridge, thus Philips is forcing me to replace the bridge with the newer model to get this feature I desire.

Besides buying the new bridge, I need to determine the best way to migrate from the old to the new mostly because I have a few routines that I want to retain.