Setting Up This Site

Here I will jot down notes while I am learning Federated Wiki. See What I Learned About Federated Wiki for conclusions. See Testing for things I am trying out.

I recently had an instance where wiki crashed but I did not capture the exact error. Unfortunately, I discovered that I had not fully documented how I had got wiki up and running after I had configured Caddy. Fortunately, I recalled the configuration, important steps being the need to start Caddy first and then start wiki.

Still Learning

Can a journal get too large? The number of edits made to a page increases the size of the journal. You can see this particularly on the Now page as well as on Index. I would think that at some point there needs to be away to collapse the journal otherwise it will be as large as half the page.

Figured Out

Followed the instructions written by Andy Sylvester . However, while I can run this interactively, I cannot get this to run as a service or as a background process. I am hosting this site on Digital Ocean.

I've added some content to this site. I've figured out how to select markdown block versus regular wiki blocks. One hangup I am having is the different ways for creating hyperlinks. The wiki way puts the URL first and separates the URL and the anchor text with a space as follows:

[url anchor text] My blog

where as the markdown way reverses the order and looks like:

[archor text](url) [My blog](

The wiki way adds an external link indicator such as my blog

But the markdown way does not include such an indicator, for example [my blog](

The problem is, I've been writing in markdown lately and I've already created muscle memory for creating hyperlinks.

I've stumbled upon this site in the Federation that provides a pretty good tutorial.