What I Learned About Federated Wiki

For standard help see How to Wiki

Is there a way to automatically generate an index of pages in a wiki site? I think it would be nice to have an alphabetized index of the pages I create. **Answer:** Yes! Put the cursor in the Search box and press Enter. An alphabetized list of all the site's pages will appear.

The default factory that you enter text in to does not provide a way to format the text. If you want to format text select either the HTML or Markdown plugins by clicking their option after clicking Plus on the journal to create the new factory.

I have created a separate page about Finding Updates In The Federation

If pages of other sites in the Federation appear in Recent Changes or you notice a lot of flags at the bottom right of the wiki footer and you want to clear them so only the pages of your site appear, click your flag (the colored square) of any page to your site.

If you click your site's flag on a page, that collapses the story view (the left-to-right display of pages) to Welcome Visitors and that page. To collapse everything, click the flag on your site's Welcome Visitors page.

I've found a way to backup the data for this site and forked Save Your Wiki. I still don't have my head completely around forking, I had all sorts of problems pulling that page over. I have found instructions for Reloading from Backup

The Journal at the bottom of each wiki page has buttons for each edit to a wiki page. Click a button to see the version of the page after that edit. To revert a page to prior version, click the appropriate button on the journal, then click the fork button on that page.

To find what process ID wiki is running under enter the following at a command prompt:

ps aux | grep wiki

I have configured Caddy as the reverse proxy for this site so that it servers HTTPS.

I've installed a local copy of Federated Wiki on my Pixelbook. I want to find a way to automatically add this wiki to the neighborhood on the Pixelbook to make it easier to link to content here. Can I do that? Yes - Add Wiki Sites To Your Neighborhood

**Note:** On April 14, 2019 I upgraded wiki to the latest version running the command above. Unfortunately, I did not pay attention to the warnings that NPM generated indicating that a newer version of Nodejs was needed. After several attempts to uninstall/re-install I decided to restore from the snapshot I created and re-build the site. **In the future** if when starting wiki you see errors check the version of nodejs.